Frog (x 2)

Frog (x 2)
Frog (x 2) Frog (x 2)
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Two cute (or not...) small frog/toad!

Size: 5.5cm x 3cm x 2.5cm (at thickest)

(The colour and scent you pick will be applied to both frogs)


Did you know...

In ancient China the toad was a trickster and a magician, a master of escapes and spells. But he was also the keeper of powerful secrets. One legend tells a story of a wandering wise old man called Liu Hai and his three-legged toad companion Ch'an Chu. Ch'an Chu knew the secret of eternal life, and due to his masters kindness he revealed the secret to the wise man. In Japan a similar legend involves the Gama-Sennin, also known as Kosensei, a wise old man with a hunched body and a warty face. Kosensei wanders the land with his toad companion, who teaches him the secret powers of herbs, including the secret of immortality.

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