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Sins Bar (x 2)
Wash away your sins... if only it were that easy ;) Size: 7.5cm x 5.5cm x 1.8cm (The colo..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Lizard (x 2)
A pair of cute lizard soaps! Size: 10cm x 5.5cm x 2cm (The colour and scent you pick will..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Here we have a sweet sheep soap called Shawn :D Size: 4cm x 5.5cm x 6.5cm ..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Embrace Your Dreams Bar
A motto for us all ~ Embrace Your Dreams! Size: 7cm x 5cm x 2cm ..
Ex Tax: £2.20
Heart (Mother/Rose)
A lovely heart soap for your Mother! Size: 7.5cm x 7cm x 1.3cm   ..
Ex Tax: £1.80
A cool chunky Snowflake! Designs will be random, but if you buy more than one I will make su..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Hogwarts Soaps
Here we have two character soaps from Hogwarts! Choose from Dumbledore or Severus S..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Jack Soapington
Here we have a cool Jack Soapington bar! Size: 8cm x 2cm ..
Ex Tax: £2.20
Simon ~ a Skull
A nice chunky 'half moulded' Skull, called Simon. Approx Size: 7.5cm x 6cm x 3.5cm (at thicke..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Pumpkin Bar (x 2)
A wicked pair of pumpkins! I have 6 different faces so if you order more than one pair, the other..
Ex Tax: £2.50
Bath Star
That's no soap...  that's a SPACE STATION! A wickedly cool round space station, often fo..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Cat & Butterfly Bar
A lovely cat, flowers and butterfly bar of soap! Size: 8cm x 6.5cm x 2cm ..
Ex Tax: £2.00