Articles about The Soapy Shop Of Horrors.

The Upcoming ~ An article that I had no idea about until it was tweeted to me!

Brainbox Studios ~ Happy customers :D

The Clothes Maiden ~ An article that took me completely by surprise!

Horror Shock Lolipop ~ The first ever article written about me!

BIG thanks to the above pages for taking the time to share their thoughts about my site ~ it really is MUCH appreciated.

Podcast that feature The Soapy Shop Of Horrors.

Flash Pulp ~ The first ever podcast that mentioned me :D (18th March 2012)

General links to useful and/or enjoyable pages.

Hic Dragones ~ Events with a focus on monsters/horror/dark fiction/the strange, & I'm associated with one of them!

The Spooky Isles ~ Dedicated to British and Irish horror and supernatural related entertainment.

Horror Shock Lolipop ~ Writing about anything that's related to horror, Halloween, strange and unusual.

Highland Paranormal  ~ We are a small non-profit paranormal investigation group based in the Highlands of Scotland.

The Clothes Maiden ~ The Clothes Maiden Magazine specialises in the latest creative talent.

Brainbox Studios ~ a Graphic Design Company from the North East of England.