Gravestone Trio

Gravestone Trio
Gravestone Trio
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A Trio of gravestones!

Size: 7cm x 5.5cm x 1.5cm (largest)

(The colour and scent you pick will be applied to all 3 soaps)


Did you know...

The earliest forms of gravestones, known as dolmens, have been found in Korea and date back to the first millennium BC. More than 30,000 of these stones have been found, and clearly indicate that marking graves was as important in ancient civilizations as it is today. Although not as prolifically as in Korea, dolmens and similar structures have been found across Europe and in other parts of Asia.

Prior to Norman times, people were buried anywhere near their family home, and their graves marked with simple wooden markers detailing their names and date of birth and death, if known. With Pope Urban II ordering the Crusades in 1095, religion gained importance, and the church, ever seeking ways to make money, realized that burial could be a lucrative source of income. Areas next to churches were designated as burial grounds, and slate or sandstone gravestones were placed at the head of each grave.