Dalek Bar #1

Dalek Bar #1
Dalek Bar #1
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A Dalek bar of soap.

I grew up with "Doctor Who"; hiding behind a cushion and loving every minute! So of course I had to include one of his most famous and well known enemies in my shop!

Approx Size: 10cm x 7cm x 3cm (at thickest point)

(The 'top colour' chosen will be the Dalek's colour)


Did You Know...

The Doctor first encountered the Daleks in the second episode of the show, The Daleks (1963).  In this version of Dalek history, the Dalek home-world Skaro was once home to two humanoid races: the peaceful and scientifically advanced Kaleds/Dals (who were described as philosophers and teachers) and the warlike Thals.  Following a short but terrible nuclear war between the races, the Dals were mutated and became the aggressive and xenophobic Daleks. In the second episode the Daleks state the war occurred "over five hundred years ago".  They were more or less confined to their city, their motive power being static electricity conducted from metal walkways. At the end of this serial, the Daleks were seemingly wiped out.  However, the popularity of the Daleks ensured their return.