Bat Person Bar (x 4)

Bat Person Bar (x 4)
Bat Person Bar (x 4)
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A set of 4 Bat Person Bars ~ cute bars in yellow and black, of course!

(The scent you pick will be applied to all 4 soaps)

Size: 5.5cm x 3.2 cm x 2cm


Did you know…

In the series, the Shakespeare bust used to slide open the bookcase and expose the batpoles had an electric switch that couldn't open the bookcase but it did turn on a light behind the set to signal the crew to slide it open.

When the series premiered, Alfred had been "killed off" a few years earlier in the comic book series. However, when the producers announced that they intended to make Alfred a regular character, he was brought back to life in the comic book as well.

A Total of 352 "Holy" words were used by Robin from "Holy Agility" to "Holy Zorro".

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