VW Beetle Bar

VW Beetle Bar
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A cool embossed VW Beetle Bar ~ my favourite car of all time!

Size: 10.5cm x 7.3cm x 2cm

(Top colour picked will be the Beetle's colour)


Did you know...

The idea for the Beetle came from Adolph Hitler while he was in prison in 1924 following the unsuccessful throw of the Federal German capital. Hitler conceived of an idea to solve Germany's unemployment problem. The Government would build special roads (autobahns) for motor vehicles. He would also mass-produce a car (the peoples car, the Volkswagen) which the average man in the street would be able buy. 9 Years later (February 1933) the Nazi party swept to power, and at the very first cabinet meeting Hitler raised the issue of the special roads. Work began on these roads in September 1933. The designs for the Volkswagen were not finalized until 1938 and the Volkswagen finally saw the light of day in 1939. The ultimate place chosen for the factory was Wolfsburg, Germany. Unfortunately, the Second World War ceased production.

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