Green Man & Woman

Green Man & Woman
Green Man & Woman Green Man & Woman Green Man & Woman
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A cool pair of soaps ~ a Green Man and Woman!

Size: 6.2cm (diam) x 2.5cm (at thickest point)

(The colour and scent you pick will be applied to both soaps)

 Did You Know...

The tradition of portraying a human face amongst or as part of leaves is a very old one in Northern Europe. Its precise origins are lost to time, but it seems to have been an established tradition when the Romans invaded the Celtic and Germanic lands. Native artwork of these peoples is based on complicated ‘knotwork’ and twisting forms representing vegetation. Some of these were representations of animals or human faces, including designs which could be plants and human heads at the same time. The Romans seem to have taken to the tradition and carried it to the far corners of their Empire and beyond. Green Men of one sort or another can be found as far away as modern Turkey and are also found in eighth century Indian art.

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